Jason C. McDonald

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Speaker and Comedian

I have been speaking since 2013 about programming, communication, and professional development, and programming. With over a decade of experience in mentoring, teaching, and tutoring, I effectively and memorably present advanced concepts to listeners of all experience levels. (I am also a family-friendly comedian.)

Each presentation is tailored to the needs of the particular audience, but always delivered with the same humor and passion.

Upcoming Events

Python Pizza New Years Party

Whose Method Is It Anyway?

Python does a shockingly good job at handling multiple inheritance. In this emoji-powered talk, learn how Python figures out what method to call in a multiple inheritance situation. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be prepared to swing in as the hero the next time your team is scratching their head and asking "why's THAT code getting run??" How is your talk unboring? : The C3 MRO...an infamously advanced topic...explained in plain English with emojis.

Online | 31 December 2020 | 15:00 UTC

(My talk time is TBA)

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You're Doing Objects Wrong (And So Is Everyone Else)

Pyjamas 2020 Online | December 2020

Objects: the thing everyone with an elementary understanding of programming feels like they know. It's one of the first things a new programmer is taught. And with rare exception, we were all taught wrong. In this talk, I explore how objects are really supposed to be designed and used, and how that insight will transform how you design your classes forever. Whether you've been coding in Python for ten minutes or ten years, you're almost certain to walk away with a new perspective on this most elementary of code structures.

Writing Zenlike Python

EuroPython 2020 Online | July 2020

There's a profound gap between working code and Pythonic code. To the developer whose first language is NOT Python, the distinction can appear blurry, even arbitrary. What is this "one obvious way" all those Python nerds are going on about? In this talk, I unpack how the twenty principles (including the unwritten rule) of Tim Peters' (in)famous Zen of Python can guide you to write beautiful, maintainable code, by treating Python AS Python!

Functional Meets Object-Oriented

Python Pizza Remote 2020 | April 2020

Functional and Object-Oriented Programming: two completely disparate paradigms, right? Maybe not! In this talk, I demonstrate how the two paradigms can be combined to produce cleaner, more stable, more maintainable code.

The Cake Is A Lie

Whitworth University | 2017

Programming and computer science are one and the same, right? Maybe not! In this talk, I introduce how programming is more art than science, and just how profoundly that affects how we write software.

Field Guide to Common Nerds

North Idaho College ACM Club | 2014

In this presentation to the ACM Club at North Idaho College, I introduce the odd personality types that dominate the programming field, and how to interact with them without losing your head (perhaps literally).

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