Jason C. McDonald

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I am a hacker (by the true definition of the term) with a passion for open source software.

I'm experienced in C++ and Python, with working proficiency in C, Java, Bash, FORTRAN, CSS, HTML, and SQL (plus a little Assembly on the side). I'm an expert in memory management, debugging undefined behavior, and advanced object-oriented programming. I deeply enjoy working with algorithmic efficiency, data structures, design patterns, and algorithms. I'm a Linux power user, LAMP IT, computer repair technician, and open source advocate.

Additionally, I have expertise in coding style, commenting, documentation, testing, project management, and C++ build systems. I served as the primary author on the Commenting Showing Intent and Quantified Task Management standards.


I've written over two dozen articles (and counting) on dev.to. Here are a few of my favorites...


I've worked on a lot of diverse projects, both independently and through my software company. Here's a few highlights...

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